Where’s your personal accountability?

Posted: May 19, 2009 in Uncategorized
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So our new Transport Minister, S’bu Ndebele claims to be all in a quandary because he doesn’t know what to do with a gift that has been foisted on him by a group of contractors, Vukuzakhe. No ordinary gift either – it’s a R1,14m Mercedes-Benz S500. So uncertain is he that he’s asked President Zuma what he should do with it! Never mind the fact that he’s legally required to do so, is this really a question he should be asking in the first place?


I work in a procurement department myself and the principle is clear: don’t accept gifts. No matter what the circumstances, something like that always comes back to compromise you in the end, even if it’s only in the minds of everyone else, who now perceives you to be open to that kind of thing. The bigger the gift, the easier the decision. Really, I don’t see why Mr Ndebele should even ask the question in the first place other than to seek legitimacy for accepting it. But that is a very, very slippery slope down which he will descend and it would be so gratifying to see him have enough personal accountability to refuse even to ask the question. Come on, Mr Ndebele, just say no! Don’t do drugs…err, gifts!

Here’s a chance for PZ to demonstrate a real commitment to his “no corruption” mantra and refuse to allow the gift to be accepted. It may not be corruption per se, but it sure blurs the lines and sends a very real message to anyone thinking of that route. Personally, I’m not holding my breath. And, while we’re about it, why isn’t anyone pointing fingers at the contractors?

  1. P.A.N says:

    Amusing and pertinant. Well said

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