Another bite of the Apple…

Posted: June 5, 2009 in Uncategorized

So I’ve been using the iPod Touch for a couple of months now and though I’d give an update on the experience.


If I had to choose an analogy for the experience, it would be that of going on a date with a beautiful model who dances fantastically only to find after a couple of hours that…well, she’s a beautiful model who dances fantastically. Try to get into conversations about financial affairs or astronomy and you’ll not only get frustrated but you’ll start to forget what she did well in the first place. So with the iPod: you need to focus on what it does best and not try to stray too far out of that area.

Let’s start with what Apple has done well. First thing has to be the hardware. The device is sleek, light and a joy to handle. The capacitive touch screen is fluid and incredibly responsive – tapping on the screens of my Windows Mobile devices is profoundly unsatisfying after this. The display is very well done considering it’s got half the pixels of a VGA device and the 3.5” size means that it’s very usable in all situations, even viewing movies: I watched the entire Lord of the Rings series on the iPod and found it enjoyable rather than tiring. If only I could get my HTC devices to play movies this smoothly! Audio playback is also very good, as it should be considering that it will be for many the main feature. I don’t have many other players to compare it to but it is noticeably (if not hugely) better than the N78 I listened to a lot before. Crisper, more accurate and detailed sound and better stereo crosstalk. Yep, Apple definitely got the hardware right on this one.

The second thing they did right was to make the built in applications very easy to use. Most of them are very intuitive and one is able to use the device with only a very small learning curve. Even technophobes who have handled it curiously have been able to get things up and running almost instantly. The applications also render things very well – the email comes out beautifully, HTML being rendered perfectly, so much so that it’s now my preferred device for my personal mail. This philosophy is carried over into the apps available on the App Store (and boy, are there a lot of those) so that the whole Touch experience is very consistent. And, last but not least, Apple has done a good thing with the keyboard: the keys are large, responsive and easy to use and the corrective text feature, which fixes your mistakes as you go, means I can type faster on this than any other software QWERTY keyboard I’ve used.

Just like the looks you’d get if you walked into a room with that beautiful model on your arm, I’ve got more than my fair share of attention when others have seen the Touch. It’s certainly an attractive device with a lot going for it, but that’s not the whole story – more on that next time…

  1. P.A.N says:

    Try and persuade the definite technophobe, your father, to get one. He loves a QWERTY keyboard

    • veethree says:

      Ah, but I have other plans for him. Nokia’s releasing a phone called the N97 – touch screen and a QWERTY keyboard – so I want to enjoy their latest and greatest vicariously.

  2. P.A.N says:

    Great Steve. Knew you’d have some strategic plan

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