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Posted: July 11, 2009 in Uncategorized
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So I updated to the new 3.0 operating system on my iPod Touch and thought I’d note how it went.

As a Windows Mobile user, I’ve updated the operating systems on my devices many, many times. While not a particularly risky procedure if carefully done, it is quite labour intensive. First one needs to download the new OS file and then install it; this means that your entire device is wiped clean, so you generally then have to reinstall all your apps and data from scratch. The process (excluding the time taken to download the file) generally takes a couple of hours at least.

Things couldn’t have been more different this time round. I started the download of the file – a huge 260mb file as opposed to the 60mb files I was accustomed to – as soon as it was available, but traffic issues made it crash the first couple of times. Or maybe it was that I was trying to hijack my wife’s computer session! Anyway, eventually I gave up and left it to download overnight, figuring I’d continue the process in the morning.

When I got to the computer the next day, my iPod was lying there synced as if nothing had happened – but when I checked, the upgrade was complete. There was nothing that I had to do, nothing. The OS had been upgraded and all apps reinstalled with all data intact, no hint of problems in sight. For a seasoned WM user, not having to go through a laborious upgrade process was pretty special.

Has the $9.99 been worth it? Undoubtedly. For me, just the addition of Bluetooth has been worth it because I can pair my phone and iPod to the same device and have both available at once. Sigh, have to take all those calls in the car again. In true Apple fashion the implementation is lacking – no AVCRP (remote control) – but that gives then something to push out in the next upgrade. Other things like the system wide copy and paste and increased availability of landscape mode make the device a lot more practical as a PDA but also make you realize they should really have been there from the beginning. Lastly, many of the apps I’ve installed have been updated to take advantage of 3.0 (Docs to Go, for example) and they’ve also become more useful as a consequence – another happy surprise.

All in all, apart from the size of the download which is only a concern in this bandwidth backward country, this was a good upgrading experience. Just as well, because Apple’s crippling policies suggest there may be several more to come.

— Post From My iPod

  1. P.A.N says:

    Think I’m just a late developer. Shall I stop trying, or will you give lessons?

  2. veethree says:

    All my lessons are free! The equipment is another story…

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