You’ll never learn to fly if…

Posted: July 11, 2009 in Uncategorized

A short thought: we went with our boys to the ice skating rink at Northgate and, while I didn’t venture onto the ice (to everyone’s relief!), it was very interesting to sit and watch the others do so.

ice skating

While it was easy to spot those who knew what they were doing, for their movements were a liquid expression of effortless grace, those who were still learning were the more fascinating study. Basically, you have two types: the side crawlers and the middle fallers. The former group clenched the edges in a determined effort not to fall, while the latter worried less about falling but inevitably did so as they concentrated more on exploring the rink and getting the skating right. I don’t know which group had more fun, but it was easy to see which one was going to learn to skate effectively more quickly.

Always looking for a good fortune cookie saying – or should that be a back-of-the-sugar-packet saying – I came up with this one: “You’ll never learn to fly if you’re always afraid to fall”. Almost lame enough for a Hallmark moment, I know.

Side crawler or middle faller: which one are you? I think I’m probably of the side crawler variety but, after watching the skating crowds, that’s not really an inspiring thought…

  1. P.A.N says:

    Great, Steve. But you’ve never been afraid of a challenge!

  2. veethree says:

    Thanks for the comment but…I reckon I’m just a good bluffer!

  3. Grant says:

    I also never put you down as a side crawler.

    I guess I like to do the side crawling thing for a while and then venture out once I realise that there’s no gain without a little pain.

    Whaty is really interesting is watching your own offspring.

    One of our sons feels that taking a huge risk is even getting the skates onto his feet – and then getting to the side is a HUGE milestone.

    The other is a Middle diver. He believes that one should be doing triple pirouettes in the air on the way to the middle (and this is the first time skating!).

    So managing these two personalitites is a challenege too – the oppositie side of the risk scale.

  4. veethree says:

    Yes! Watching the offspring gives even more food for thought, for sure. We also have one of each and I always wonder whether their choice is due to behaviour I’ve inadvertently taught or just how they were made. Ah well, makes parenting more interesting…

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