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Posted: July 21, 2009 in Uncategorized
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My biweekly post is up at How Can We Help You – though probably only for a day or so. After that you’d need to click on “Editorial Blogs” and “Stephen” to see what it is.


My opening paragraph goes like this:

It’s clear from even just a brief browse through this site that there’s a lot of good financial advice on offer – so much it can seem overwhelming, in fact. One of the dangers in this is that your focus on financial health can become pretty all consuming, which means in turn that you all too easily lose sight  of one of the important things I think we’re meant to do with our money: give it away!

I’ll be curious to see if it garners any kind of a reaction on the site. If you think you’d like to add something, click across and have a look.

  1. P.A.N says:

    Giving with no motive other than trying to ease another’s situation is the answer. Don’t look for gratitude or wisdom on the part of those receiving the giving. Otherwise this means one gave from a selfish, not altruistic motive

  2. veethree says:

    That’s a great comment! You should post it at the other site as well.

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