A perfect storm

Posted: July 27, 2009 in Uncategorized

Driving into work this morning yielded an unpleasant surprise: all the traffic lights in Johannesburg after the Queen Elizabeth bridge were out for the blocks around my office. Turns out a local power substation caught fire and that caused the power loss.

This would have been bad enough at the best of times but the municipal strike started today and it was only when I was thinking of how the problem was going to be fixed that the implications of this came home. Want municipal workers to fix the substation? Sorry, on strike. Want metro police to direct the traffic? Sorry, on strike. Want auxiliary workers to offer temporay transport and power solutions? Sorry, on strike.

News is that power will be restored only by the middle of the week. I got in well before 7 this morning so managed to avoid most of the chaos, but I don’t know how long that will last. Middle of winter, no power and traffic chaos. Oh joy…

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  1. P.A.N says:

    I have a great idea for you

  2. Anne Olivier says:

    I do so sympathise with you city dwellers and I am so glad that I live where I live. We only have two traffic lights and if we encounter more than 3 vehicles travelling in the opposite direction on my 36 kilometer bus ride past various game farms, to work, I know we are early and have caught the peak hour traffic of farmers bringing their children into town for school.

    Does it sound as if I am gloating, well I am sorry, I am!.

    Just joking. I lived in cities for many years and although we have very few shops, etc. around and earn much less on the “platteland”, I will never again willingly swop with you.

    I do hope the strikes will be over soon and things will return to normal. Speaking about the electricity, here is a little sms I received recently to cheer you up:

    Good night around the World:-

    Holland – Goeden nagt.
    Australia – Nite Mate.
    America – Gudnite.
    Germany – Slafin sie wol
    South Africa – Are the doors locked, are the windows closed, is the car locked up, is the alarm on, are the Rotweillers outside and is your weapon under your pillow? Sleep well. Do not worry about the lights, Escom will swithch them off!

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