Christmas: what’s in a name?

Posted: December 20, 2009 in Uncategorized
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So it’s that time of the year again when we’re inundated with Christmas decorations, songs and messages. What messages are those? It’s not uncommon to hear people bemoaning the fact that they think the “true meaning” of Christmas has been lost, but what’s taken its place and do the messages really differ?

Certainly people the world over have embraced the Christmas holiday, often regardless of background, culture or even religion. You could argue that it’s been fuelled by corporate opportunism, but even the greediest of consumers seems to feel that there should be a more altruistic meaning to the season.

So the meaning of Christmas has “expanded”, it seems, to become disassociated from the name. Now it’s meant to be a time of peace and goodwill to all; on a grander scale, a message to say “let’s all be nice to each other”. At its heart is the understanding that we can change the world if we just try hard enough, we can fix it and ourselves and attain something better.

Thing is, the real message of Christmas is that we cannot: it is the ultimate admission that His intervention was needed to set things right. It’s not not about us, not about what we can do but about what He had to. In the end, we can hold hands and rage againt the darkness all we like, but it will avail us not. We can only fold them together and come again to the stable that holds the Light that really overcomes.

So as some may decry the chance of the name of Christmas being changed, I think I’ve come to a kind of peace. The message doesn’t reflect the name anymore and I doubt we’ll gain much by pretending it is so. I think I finally understand the real “true meaning” and, as for me, that’s what I’ll always celebrate.

  1. peta-ann essex-nel says:

    Fantastic Steve. It’s truly His story and all that matters is, are we part of it?

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