WOW Hits 2010

Posted: January 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

This is the latest annual compilation of CCM from the WOW team. Again a sample of the most popular hits of the preceding year, it features big names like Casting Crowns, Toby Mac and Third Day, familiar ones like Michael W Smith and Jars of Clay and newer stars like RED, Group 1 Crew and Britt Nicole.

Once again, I really enjoyed the compilation. It does take a couple of spins to be appreciate all the individual tracks (does sound a bit “samey” at first) but it’s worth the effort. Last year I was struck by the number of “crossover” tracks; this year my chief impression is of there being a number of “big” tracks – you know, roaring guitars, soaring strings and all-out singing. Part of me wonders if this is in any way a reaction to the tough year that was 2009, but it makes for a rousing album in any event. Good for blasting away a day’s frustrations on the drive home.

Having so many artists on one album (30 in all) means that buying this album is a quick and relatively risk-free way to get a picture of the current cream of the crop. What does this mean for sales of conventional albums, I wonder? With the ability to download individual tracks of a artist rather than having to buy a whole album to own them becoming ever more popular, perhaps compilations will become the face of the future. Perhaps, too, this will enable musicians to concentrate on producing fewer, higher quality tracks rather than having to worry about filling a whole album. Who knows?

All in all, a worthy addition to the series and I’m well satisfied with the purchase.

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