What if you already knew?

Posted: April 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

What would we do if we had certainty of events, their timing and their duration? If we knew beforehand when the good times would come and the bad times too, that one would follow the other and just how long each would last. Would we enjoy the good times more or would we live in dread of tough times?


Thinking about this the other day, I had to conclude that there’s probably no single way that would dominate; how you answered that question would probably depend on how good your sense of perspective was now. Personally, I would probably relax and enjoy the good times more, which (when I think about it) is a bit of an indictment on my lack of ability to see the bigger picture when caught up in the moment. What would your reaction likely be?

The silly thing is that it’s our perception of thing that’d important here, because the above is already encapsulated in the “this too shall pass” maxim. If we could maybe take that to heart, we should already be able to react in a better way to every situation. Perhaps I should put that little saying on my lockscreen…

This is all in theory, of course: maybe the truth would be less attractive. I remember Morgan Freeman’s character in The Bucket List saying that he had thought it would be liberating, knowing when you would die, but that it was actually the opposite. Maybe that’s why we’re told not to divine the future; better, then, just to trust in the hands of the God who already knows it.


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