The Amazing Spider-Man

Posted: July 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

A reboot of the classic Marvel tale of the young Peter Parker who is bitten by a laboratory enhanced spider and is thus infused with spectacular powers including super strength, the ability to climb walls and lightning reflexes. Here is opponent is the Lizard, a scientist who transforms himself into a giant, aggressive reptile as a result of his experiments with cross genetic enhancements.


Finally saw this. Though the movie comes surprisingly soon after the last of the “first” series, it’s good enough to be a legitimate contender for the title of definitive origins story. In fact, good enough might be the way to describe it all the way through. I particularly liked the way that the lead, Andrew Garfield, played the wisecracking webslinger aspect of the character and I thought that the Peter Parker/Gwen Stacey chemistry worked well. The villain (played by Rhys Ifhans and a million miles from his character in Notting Hill)  was pretty good, the special effects were pretty good, the directing was pretty good and… well, you get the idea. It was definitely a fun way to spend the afternoon, even if it couldn’t live up to the wow factor of The Avengers or the depth of Nolan’s Batman series.

Inevitably, you find yourself asking what it was like compared to the first Spiderman movie. I have to say that I remember the first as having something of a charming innocence, the way that you remember that first childhood crush as opposed to the more complex affairs that came after it. The eponymous hero here doesn’t have that fresh faced appeal but is maybe more believable as a teenager. It’s too soon to tell which one I’ll end up preferring, but at least I have two viable options.


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