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Irvin Khoza, chairman of the local organising committee for the 2010 World Cup, was bemoaning the lack of excitement around next year’s premier sporting event. There are only 286 days to go but it’s not the fervent topic of conversation on everyone’s lips, is his basic complaint. Does he have a point?


As far as I can see, he probably does. There’s an awareness that it’s coming closer, and in some quarters lingering apprehension about our ability to host successfully (don’t worry, we’ll rise to the occasion), but I wouldn’t say there’s much genuine excitement. At the moment I think people are still mostly in “heads down” mode feeling like they’re mostly just trying to get through some crisis or another – take your pick, there are plenty to choose from – and 2010 has meant mainly disruptions because of construction.

That’s an enormous pity, because we really should appreciate the magnitude of the event that’s coming. There are so many reasons to get excited about it: even if you’re not planning on going to the games (still have a spare ticket to the finals, open to bribes – I mean bids), the thought of hundreds of thousands of foreign visitors is intruiging. If you’re wanting to showcase any kind of product, or get a message across (as was said at CLC, we don’t need to go to the nations because they’re coming to us!) or even just be part of a magnificent multicultural experience, the opportunity is amazing.

So what do we do? Don’t quite know, really – your ideas are as good as mine and all suggestions are welcome. But I reckon we start by thinking of some thing ably the event that will appeal to us and then focus on how we’re going to take advantage of the opportunity. As always, let’s focus on the potential for positives rather than those for doom and gloom. Me, I’m going to start by brushing up on soccer knowledge…

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