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Though several years old, I only recently got round to reading this trilogy on recommendation from a couple of friends. It tells the story of Thomas Hunter, who finds himself in the strange situation of dreaming he is in another world, so vividly that he is not sure which world is true. It soon turns out they are simultaneously true, although set in different timelines, and he has tasks to perform in each which are linked to the other. In our world, he has to try to to save it from the devastating effects of a killer virus released by power hungry madmen, and in the other he has to preserve the remains of a once wonderful civilisation. The books have a strong fantasy element to them, particularly as it relates to the alternative world.


I raced through the first book in the series and thoroughly enjoyed it. There were some interesting ideas and it was quite refreshing to come across fantasy written by a Christian author. The writing itself was not bad, though a bit too much like a wannabe Tom Clancy in parts, and things moved along at a decent pace. Unfortunately, the rest of the trilogy didn’t sustain the same kind of interest: rather like the Matrix trilogy, I ended up wishing that the first novel had rather been a little longer but self contained – things just took too long to reach their conclusion over the space of a trilogy, despite the odd interesting plot point or character coming along. Two other things that I didn’t expect were the loss of many of the fantasy elements from the first book, with the second world becoming more pseudo historical, and the introduction of an overtly Christian analogy. I’m sure this has its place, but it wasn’t something that really captured me.

All in all, a little disappointing as a series. Read the first book, by all means, but go with summaries for the other two – that would be my recommendation.